At Fresh Landscape Design we create outdoor places, large and small, that combine the amazing things that humans can do with the awesome capacities of natural systems to solve problems. These places range from streets, infrastructure and parks to gardens and small farms.

Along the way we have had to think about who we are, what we do and there have been some awards.

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Salad Bar

Includes all the materials and instructions to set up a Salad Bar in your chook run or garden. Can be used for all breeds of chickens and ducks. The Salad Bar is easy to install (see our installation movie). One Salad Bar for each hen is ideal but even one Salad Bar in you chook run will be a big help in giving them fresh green feed daily.

Kit includes:

• Salad Bar frame - robust, galvanised steel mesh frame that covers approximately 120cm x 58cm and designed to last a long time

• Pack of seed for perennial forage greens for chooks suited to cold and temperate areas

• Instruction sheet.

Order here and pick up in Bungendore, NSW.

Salad Bars also available for direct sale from the talks and demos area at The Carrington Inn during the Bungendore Harvest Festival on 29 April 2017 and during our farm tours on 30 April


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