At Fresh Landscape Design we create outdoor places, large and small, that combine the amazing things that humans can do with the awesome capacities of natural systems to solve problems. These places range from streets, infrastructure and parks to gardens and small farms.

Along the way we have had to think about who we are, what we do and there have been some awards.

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Mobile food forest

Every now and then we get to design a completely different project. The 107 Projects Roof Garden in Redfern, NSW is home base for many Milkwood training workshops as well as the 107 Projects Gallery. For us it is one to remember not just for the awards it received but also as example of what can be achieved by an enthusiastic group of people determined to build a garden using planet-friendly methods. Built on top of the freshly waterproofed concrete slab on the first floor, the garden produces food for the local community, showcases permaculture garden techniques, provides teaching resources, and is a place to hang out at lunchtime or host events.

Roogulli Small Farm Design Tours

We are opening Roogulli for two special tours on 30 April 2017 for the Bungendore Harvest Festival. There is a farm tour in the morning and a tour of the sustainable gardens around the house in the afternoon. Come and see the place where Jennie and Chris try out eco-restorative approaches to gardening and farming.

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